Body Positivity is een trend die al een tijdje zijn ronde gaat op social media. Zeker met een ziekte is het lastig om te doen waar body positivity voor staat, namelijk houden van je lichaam. Daarom is een beetje dagelijkse motivatie op je beeldscherm altijd goed.

Body Positivity

Body Positivity is een vrij grote term, het vertelt je te houden van je lichaam ongeacht je kleur, maat of lengte. De tijd van alle extreem dunne modellen is even op pauze gezet en er zijn zelfs modellenprogramma’s die op zoek gaan naar maatje 40+. In het modebeeld van tegenwoordig valt helaas maat 38 al in het vakje curvy, terwijl de gemiddelde maat van de Nederlandse vrouw 42 is.

Het is enorm fijn dat daarom meer acceptatie komt, maar is het echt zo makkelijk als het lijkt? Zeker als je ziek bent heb je weinig vertrouwen in je lichaam en liefde is vaak ver te zoeken. Vaak is het op social media één groot prachtig beeld, en lijkt iedereen perfect. Wanneer je juist mensen gaat volgen die ‘minder perfect’ zijn zal je onbewust tijdens het scrollen je beeld van perfectie aanpassen en verbeter je je liefde voor jezelf.


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Hi, . ? by @denizalaca from Miami trip

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A lot of you have been asking for my opinion on the Netflix show Insatiable, so brace yourselves: · We do not need anymore weight loss fairytales where the sad fat girl transforms into an entirely new person and lives her wildest fantasies. We do not need to give girls anymore of an idea that their summers should be spent shrinking themselves for the big reveal when they go back to school – trust me, they already know that narrative loud and clear. When I give talks in schools and ask how many of them are planning on dieting over the summer so that they can come back as a new version of themselves, whole rooms raise their hands. · We do not need anymore thin actors in fatsuits, ever. Putting thin actors in fatsuits as comedic props is fatphobic, always has been fatphobic, and always will be fatphobic. End of story. · We don't need anymore messages that real life only starts in the 'after' picture or that extreme starvation is worth it for the end result. We certainly don't need thousands of young people googling whether they can have their jaw wired shut, which no doubt will happen after this show comes out. · And tbh, we don't need any more lazy, unoriginal, tired tv plotlines where fat people are only allowed to be one-dimensional stereotypes until they get smaller and are suddenly whole human beings worthy of praise, sexual attention, success or 'revenge'. · Give us more shows about fat girls who stay fat and are shown in all their multi-dimensional glory. Give us fat girls getting revenge. Give us fat girls falling in love. Give us fat girls whose storylines have nothing to do with them being fat. And if we could get more fat characters who also aren't young, white, able-bodied, cisgender, hetero and conventionally attractive anyway, that'd be fucking fantastic. ????? P.s. @florencegiven started a petition for the show to be cancelled the link is in her bio. If it goes ahead, the best thing we can all do is not give it the views it'll need for a second season. ? · [Description: Megan is sat on a wooden bench with a garden behind her and a blue sky. She's wearing a purple bikini with orange ruffles and smiling up at the sun with closed eyes]

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Vera Camilla

Ericka Hart

Denise Bidot

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I’m still Jenny from the Block…. ??

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Glitter and lazers

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Before Instagram, I didn’t realise how many people hated me simply because my body was different than theirs. They say ignorance is bliss, and I’ll admit it was nice not knowing about the dark side of the internet. Sure, I got a few snarks and shady comments here and there in real life, but let me tell you the internet can make you believe that around every corner is some who wants to humiliate you and attack you because of the shape of your body. Recently I’ve taken steps to limit the online negativity that touches my life and it has in so many ways brought me back to a state of peace. I’m reminded once again that the internet, while magic and really awesome for so many things, is not a perfect mirror for the world. The villains of the internet want us to be scared. They want us to be afraid. They want us to hide. Because when a plus size woman truly lives, it help others have the courage to do the same. So while they’re trying to fight a battle from behind a keyboard, I’ll continue to move the war to the real world where their weapons are useless. [Anna wears a black, green and white striped skirt with a black tank printed with cacti. She has on Chelsea boots and here hair is wrapped in a black and white scarf worn as a headband. She brushes the hair from her face in front of an all pink building behind her.] #bodypositive #plussize #modclothsquad #effyourbeautystandards ? @Lydiahudgensphoto

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Leah V

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I’m writing this at two AM. I have to be up in a few hours. Day 6 of my fellowship. Had a massive computer malfunction. Set us back by hours. ??‍♂️I also feel disconnected from the outside world since my day is filled with classes on castle grounds. I don’t even know what day it is. I’m in an entirely different place. I’m home sick. I haven’t responded to a lot your messages and comments. I promise I will as I get free time. I feel bad because of that. My eating has been way off since our meal times are scheduled and you don’t get to choose. It’s causing me to have some body issues since I don’t have access to my normal food at home and I kinda just skim over the meals. It’s also hot so bras are off. I’m nitpicking at my body. My boobs are saggy. I don’t like that. I want to but I don’t. I’m body positive but I don’t like my boobs. They make me feel uncomfortable at the moment and I’d like to work on that. What part of your body are you working on accepting? Do you think there’s a difference between self-acceptance and body-love? Photo: @rvxmendoza #detroitblogger #psootd #plussize #instafashion #bodypositive #bgki #highfashion #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #pizzasisters4lyfe #blackgirlswhoblog #fashion #londonblogger #psfashion #detroit #blackgirlmagic #muslimgirl #naturalhair #plusmodel #feminist #wiw #intersectionalfeminism #turbanista #bodydysmorphia #fatacceptance #vintage #summerstyle #selflove #streetstyle #novababe

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Begrijp dat body positivity niet in één keer er is, het is een proces waarin je moet groeien. Je zult meer slechte dan goede momenten hebben. Onthoud goed dat de maat op het labeltje in je kledingstuk niet uit maakt, niemand ziet het. Wat de wereld ziet is hoe jouw lichaam de kleding rockt en hoe prachtig je eruit ziet, dus liever 1 of 2 maten groter dan je hoopte dan snijdende kledingstukken. You are beautiful!